FTV rolls out ‘Super Site’ forecourt TV

Forecourt Television (FTV), the company that provides television advertising on petrol station forecourts, has developed an improved screen that offers bigger and brighter images.

FTV is marketing the new screen under the name Super Site and will begin rolling out the product in the autumn. The Moto Heston service area on the M4 is the first forecourt to have a Super Site screen.

The next generation screens have been developed by Stella Vision in South Africa and measure 1.8 sq m. FTV claims the screens are more than 30 times brighter than domestic TV sets.

The screens will initially be placed at premium petrol forecourts on motorways and trunk roads with a footfall of 2,000 people a day.

The screens hang from the forecourt canopy and receive programme material via satellite.

The company appointed the former head of commercial development for Express Newspapers, Jeremy Phillips, to the newly created role of head of sales in March. FTV clients include Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Daewoo and Motorola.

FTV also signed a deal in March with GMTV, to include programming strands in its daily transmissions. These include a series of DIY self-help tips presented by Changing Rooms star Handy Andy.

Last September, holding company FTV Group reported a pre-tax loss of &3.43m for the year to June 2001. The sum included a &2.44m capital expenditure.


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