Fujitsu seeks PC deal with Texaco

Fujitsu Computers is in talks with the petrol retailer Texaco to supply computers for sale in forecourt outlets.

The computer manufacturer is working with Texaco on a trial to take place at the petrol retailer’s flagship branch in St Katherine’s Way, Wapping, in early December.

The move is in line with Fujitsu’s strategy to find alternative sales channels and follows its deal to supply Tesco with cut-price computers (MW July 9) .

A sample desktop machine will be on display in the shop along with pre-sales literature referring to a free telephone advice line.

The final specification of the model and price still has to be decided.

Customers will be able to place their order in the petrol station, but due to lack of storage space the machines are likely to be delivered direct.

There are also talks about using Texaco’s large database of customers to promote the product.

Charles Bows, marketing manager at Fujitsu, says: “Texaco has already been successful with its sales of mobile phones and we see this as another interesting departure.”

The manufacturer’s business practices and its vociferous criticism of the higher prices charged by UK retailers compared to their European counterparts has sparked a debate within the computer industry.

This resulted in Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, writing to competition watchdog the Office of Fair Trading about PC prices.


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