Furore over ‘sexist’ crisps ad in North & South Ireland

An ad campaign for crisps featuring scantily clad girls playing rugby has triggered complaints to the advertising regulators, in both North and South Ireland.

Hunky Dorys campaign
Hunky Dorys campaign

The campaign for Hunky Dory Crisps, from Largo Foods, shows female rugby players in revealing poses and has been branded sexist.

The Advertising Standards Authority says that it has already received 80 complaints and the ASA in Ireland has also received more than 70 complaints.

A spokesman for the ASA says: “we are assesing the complaints, though an investigation has not been launched.”

The campaign for the Irish brand of crisps campaign features women in revealing tops playing rugby under various straplines including: “Are you staring at my crisps?” and “Tackle these” has attracted complaints to the advertising watchdog since it was launched on Monday.

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