Fury over Cadburys ‘DIY sticker’ nut allergy plan

Cadbury Creme Egg

Plans by Cadbury to send out nut allergy warning labels for retailers to stick on hundreds of Easter eggs to avoid a major recall have been slammed as “dodgy” by allergy experts.

The “stickering” strategy, which is understood to be starting this week, will see Cadbury field representatives sent out to stores to put nut allergy warnings on products that have been contaminated by hazelnut paste on a production line. It is also sending out a DIY pack to retailers with instructions on how and where to place it on packaging. A food industry insider says it is “not a clean way” of doing or dealing with the problem but it is effective.”

He adds: “It is very slow and time consuming but it does avoid pulling products off the shelves this close to Easter. There are other eggs out there other than Cadbury.”

Retailers affected by the recall, which includes mini Creme Eggs, Flake and Dairy Milk Easter eggs, can also opt to return all products to Cadbury for new labelling.

But the plans have been criticised by allergy charities, which say a “full scale recall would be more advisable”.

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, spokeswoman for Action Against Allergy, says: “I think it is dodgy for the retailers to be sent stickers. They might stick them in the wrong place. Cadbury doesn’t seem to be taking its responsibility for the contamination seriously.”

Cadbury head of communications Tony Bilsborough confirms its “stickering” scheme has the approval of the Food Standards Agency.


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