Galaxy chief out of orbit in Ibiza

Galaxy radio was asking for trouble taking 26 agency representatives to a party in Ibiza.

But it wasn’t the behaviour of the agency gang that they needed to worry about – it was the antics of Galaxy’s very own brand director, Nick Button.

Galaxy’s party animal got to Ibiza in the small hours of Friday morning and decided to throw caution to the wind and go straight to a super club.

At 8am, he decided to call it a night. But he was so preoccupied on his mobile phone that on entering his hotel, he fell into a fountain.

Dripping wet, he climbed the stairs to his room, but water and marble floors don’t mix well and he fell over, badly bruising his arm. Button’s bad luck continued when he left his trousers over the balcony to dry and woke to find they had blown away.


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