Game on at the Motor Show of the future

John Stones is right to say interaction is the driving force of the modern Motor Show (MW May 6). It is no longer enough to line up “cars on carpets”.

It is also important to note the growing presence of video-game technology as a way to allow consumers a test drive in an environment where they are itching to get behind the wheel.

At the recent Geneva Motor Show, BMW unveiled the M5 Concept with an exclusive PlayStation2 demo powered by the best-selling racing game

Gran Turismo, while Peugeot allowed visitors to trial its rally cars using the official World Rally Championship game.

Interaction will be key to expanding the appeal of motor shows in a challenging, competitive environment and video-game technology will be at the heart of it. Not to mention the “at-home” test drive that millions can enjoy.

Jason Fitzgerald

Gran Turismo product manager

Sony Computer Entertainment

London W1


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