Game uses prize draw to promote new virtual world

High street retailer Game is offering consumers the chance to win free online games for life, via its online portal, as part of an initiative to promote its partnership with virtual game A World of My Own (AWOMO).

AWOMO is a new three-dimensional gaming community site which launches later this year, but is currently running in beta format. customers will be offered an exclusive opportunity to trial the beta version of the site and will be entered into a draw that offers a Golden Ticket prize giving free access and games for life.

AWOMO aims to create an online community which becomes the “home of online gaming”. Users will be offered a range of games they can access within minutes rather than hours. As well as allowing access to hundreds of streamed games, AWOMO will include live voice chat and competitions to win major prizes.

The Game/AWOMO promotion is being offered to a limited number of consumers who take part in the beta testing of the new virtual world. They will be asked to explore the AWOMO world and give feedback on their experiences, while being allowed access to free games from some of the world’s top publishers.

When the test is over, users will be entered into a Golden Ticket draw and the winner will receive a free lifetime subscription to AWOMO and a “virtual” item from for their “avatar” to forever identify them as one of the first original AWOMO members and claim special advantages.

Last month, Game became the first UK high street retailer to offer video game downloads following a successful six-month trial. It is a move that observers predict rivals are likely to follow.


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