Games industry readies traffic light ratings system

The gaming industry is gearing up to launch a traffic light ratings system for video games similar to labelling schemes in the food and retail sectors. The move comes after Dr Tanya Byron reported lack of awareness among consumers about the Pan European Games Information (PEGI) rating system.

Trade body Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association says the new system aims to giving parents insights on games content and indicate age-appropriateness.

In September, leading computer games companies including Nintendo, Codemasters, ELSPA and Mastertonic made a recommendation to culture minister Margaret Hodge to adopt the PEGI ratings system. The companies said that it could protect children from being exposed to unsuitable content and help prevent publishers from distributing such content.

ELSPA managing director Mike Rawlinson says: “We want to make it clearer that something that’s for adults only should have that warning colour with it.”

The government is expected to close the consultation and launch the model on November 20, 2008.


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