Gamestation marketers face an uncertain future

A question mark hangs over the future of Gamestation’s marketing department after the video games retailer was bought by rival Game for £74m. The Gamestation marketing team is headed by John Brook.
Game, which paid Blockbuster £74m for the Gamestation chain, says the two brands will remain separate but that Gamestation concessions in Blockbuster stores are not part of the deal and will cease to operate under the Gamestation brand before the end of June this year.
It adds that no decision has been made about whether the marketing teams will be merged but a spokesman says: “As with any group structure, we will be looking to maximise efficiencies between the businesses. Our proposal is that both brands will be managed from a central head office in Basingstoke, although this proposal is strictly subject to the outcome of employee consultations and if it proceeds the relocation is not planned in the current year.”
Gamestation is a specialist video games retailer with over 1,800 staff in 217 stores across the UK. In 2006, it reported revenues of £203.5m.


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