Ganges bottled water to supply spirit of India

Gunvant Changela, head of the Himalayas Water Company, is about to launch a bottled water taken from the unlikely source of the River Ganges in India.

Despite the apparent health risks of drinking from a river that is used as a burial ground, Changela claims the water can bring benefits to drinkers.He says the water’s unique selling proposition is that it can deliver spiritual fulfilment. Its purity is also said to be assured because it comes from the Ganges’ source in the Himalayas, rather than directly from what is known to many as the most polluted river in the world.

It will sell at 1 a bottle.

The water has already started to go on sale in temples.

Meanwhile, the Himalayas Water Company is considering how to market the product. Analysts say this could be difficult. Richard Hall, chairman of analyst group Zenith International, says the high price means that major multiple distribution is unlikely. “However, for those outlets specialising in ethnic products, it will have an important place. If it comes from the Ganges source it is both good quality water and holy,” he says.

Changela is travelling in India and was not available for



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