Gatorade ends sponsorship of Tiger Woods

Gatorade, the energy drink owned by Pepsico, has become the latest company to officially end its sponsorship of Tiger Woods, following his admission that he was unfaithful to his wife.

The drinks company had already discontinued a Tiger Woods-themed drink, Tiger Focus and has now ruled out any further sponsorship of the golfer. However, Gatorade says it will continue its partnership with the charitable Tiger Woods Foundation.

The company says: “We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship… We wish him all the best.”

Gatorade’s move follows AT&T and Accenture in ending deals and comes just one week after the star made a statement apologising to his wife, friends and family, as well as to his fans.

Since details of the affairs were uncovered in December last year, the golfer has lost the three sponsors and male grooming business Gillette and luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer have also distanced themselves from him.

Automotive maufacturer General Motors (GM) is not renewing its arrangement that allowed Woods free access to its vehicles. But sports brand Nike, which pays Woods a reported $40m (£26m) a year, has given its support and video game maker Electronic Arts is going ahead with plans to roll out an online game featuring the golfer.

A recent University of California study suggests the total economic damage of the Tiger Woods affair to all involved parties could amount to as much as $12bn.


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