Gatwick unveils digital ad network

Gatwick airport is launching a digital media network that integrates mobile and touchscreen technology to build deeper engagement with passengers.


The network is part of a £3.5m investment by outdoor media company Eye that will see similar digital technology rolled out at seven UK airports including Stansted, Manchester, and Belfast International.

The investment sits alongside the ongoing £1bn investment Gatwick is making to modernise the airport and “transform the passenger experience”.

The digital media network has been developed to harness passengers’ increased dwell time in airports and take advantage of their propensity to spend while there.

Digital screens will be in arrivals and departures areas as well as along the departure route.

Eye says advertisers will be able to use the mobile interaction and touchscreen capabilities to take advantage of data capture and develop “deeper engagement” with passengers.

Alastair Bannerman, global marketing director at Eye adds: “As airports and airport audiences globally are changing, the opportunities for advertisers are greater than ever before. Our research shows that the vast majority of passengers are more receptive to commercial messages in airports and our pioneering digital solutions are designed to embrace this.”


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