GDPR: Consent, legitimate interest and customer communication

In the second of three webinars on GDPR, we discuss how to tackle challenges around consent, how to communicate with customers to get buy in, and the best way to tackle ‘legitimate interest’ requirements.

There are just over two months before companies are required to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and there are still plenty of questions about what brands need to avoid suffering the consequences of non-compliance.

Following our first webinar last month when we tackled the opportunity and challenge of GDPR, this time we dive deeper into questions around consent and how to get it as well as the challenge of meeting ‘legitimate interest’ requirements.

Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons, Catherine Armitage, senior public affairs manager for digital governance at the World Federation of Advertisers and the managing director of the DMA Rachel Aldighieri discuss:

  • How and when to run re-engagement campaigns
  • Strategies for driving opt in
  • Getting consent on legacy data
  • When legitimate interest could be used
  • When and how to get ‘reconsent’

Listen to the webinar above. And you can listen to the first webinar in the series here.



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  1. Matthew C 13 Mar 2018

    Will GDPR be the death of companies selling email list?

    Please say yes 🙂

  2. Julian Pratt 22 Mar 2018

    Looking for the answer for B2B newsletter lists:
    Does name@company fall under “personal” data as it has a name, or is it “business”, which only needs an opt out?

    (Tip: If you are short of time, click the great icon and listen at 1.25/1.5 times the speed)

    • Pete Austin 27 Mar 2018

      Depends on the context where the email address is being used.

      You can’t just look at the domain part of the email address. For example I use the same gmail address to register for LinkedIn (business use) and facebook (personal use). And my wife uses her company email address for everything.

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