What gen X and millennial marketers think of the profession – and each other

Generation Exchange: We bring experienced marketers together with junior colleagues to investigate their differing attitudes to the profession and the world of work.

Today, much is made of the differences between millennials, who are beginning to rise to positions of influence in businesses, and the generation above who manage them – whether that’s because being ‘digital natives’ gives the former a fundamentally different perspective on culture, or because they have career expectations totally unlike their forebears’.

But how does the generational – and attitudinal – divide really play out in the workplace?

Are senior and junior marketers at odds with each other with regard to work-life balance, brand purpose and the role of marketing in the business; or do they actually have more in common than they realise?

In an attempt to answer these questions, Marketing Week challenged seven of the country’s top marketers to a meeting of minds with their younger colleagues.

The insights are both deep and wide-ranging. If there is one key takeaway, it is that there can be few marketers out there, whether at the top of their game or just starting out, who have nothing to learn from those at the opposite end of the career ladder.

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