Gentlemen prefer (to be) blondes

As England’s cricket team celebrates its sixth successive Test win, it seems only fair to fête some of cricket’s lesser heroes.

So while Leicestershire were thrashing Surrey in the recent Twenty20 Cup final, the Diary saw a slightly less edifying spectacle. Behind the stands at Edgbaston, a bizarre tribute to Big Brother winner Nadia was taking shape, as dozens of prime specimens of English manhood queued up to switch gender for the day.

The Diary can just imagine the chain of thought: “Let’s become women.” “OK, what do women do?” “Dress up in short skirts and humour drunken louts for promotional purposes.” So, more Babs’ Cabs than Danny la Rue, that’s what they did. The real npower girls (they’re the ones at the front) look so pleased…


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