German export drive lost in translation

Jagshemash! With all the hype surrounding the Borat film at the moment, the Diary is not surprised to see some companies jumping on the bandwagon.

Take this missive the Diary received last week, which contained “economic learnings to make benefit exporters to glorious nation of Romania”.

It began intriguingly, stating: “Founding you on internet along the keyword ‘stairlifts’, we may introduce ourselves today in order to start a possible co-operation with your company.”

And went on to reveal that it was, in fact, from a German company exporting into Eastern Europe – something that has “resulted reasonable value sales”.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of the high demand in the Romanian market should contact Rh96 Broimpex at

The Diary is still a bit perplexed about Marketing Week’s stairlift connection.



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