Get £5.50 back for every quid

I write in reference to your special report on field marketing (MW last week).

I write in reference to your special report on field marketing (MW last week).

To really maximise return on investment (ROI) suppliers need to move past the concept of “field marketing” and embrace the new world of contract sales organisations. And CSOs must put ROI at the centre of their measurement and commercial structure.

Measuring a team on ROI will not only give you a benchmark against other promotional mechanics, but more importantly change the commercial behaviour and focus of the objectives and the team.

For the return to be truly maximised clients/suppliers must consider the resource as an integrated (auxiliary) sales team who can ensure that the brand’s route to the consumer is not disconnected at arguably the most crucial point. Relationship and the ability to influence at store level will become more important.

Brand voice is critical in a crowded arena, utilisation of all the elements available at the point of purchase will be critical for future success.

Having analysed ROI for clients across many different mechanics and categories its value is obvious. As part of a dedicated and integrated CSO approach, ratios such £5.50 return to every £1 invested are realistic and would measure favourably against any promotional activity within the marketing mix.

Simon Newton

Operations director

DVC Sales


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