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While the Bellwether report indicates confidence may be improving in the marketing community, times are hard and things are not going to get better any time soon (MW last week).

Brands are having to make tough decisions. Although they understanding cutting budgets might be short-sighted, it is a luxury they simply cannot afford right now.

Although finance is a driver for change, we need to be aware that consumer appetite and consumption of messages are also making us rethink marketing strategy. The agency community needs to guide brands through this process. Like the technicians that worked on bringing the crew of Apollo 13 home, sometimes we have to make a square box fit a round hole.

History has proved this is possible, and in this time of austerity, we need to show with creativity and vision we can make the impossible, possible. And let’s remember that is exactly why they draw on our expertise.

Mike SpicerCEO, Pulse Group.


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