Getting to know your PR person

Last week a number of Marketing Week journalists were invited to the Oxo Tower restaurant by CIA Medianetwork to “get to know” the agency better. The “getting to know you” lunch turned out to be useful in more ways than one.

At one end of the table sat CIA managing director Mike Tunnicliffe, marketing director Mike Anderson and the Diary’s good self. During lunch, Tunnicliffe asked the Diary what the different reporters do on the magazine, which the Diary duly explained.

Tunnicliffe then pointed down the table and said: “And what about the guy at the end, what does he do?” The Diary looked at Anderson who turned to Tunnicliffe and said: “Er, he works for us Mike, he does the PR.”


Charles Walls lands GNER 2m rail task

Marketing Week

Great North Eastern Railway has appointed Leeds-based Charles Walls Group to handle its above-the-line account, after leaving it dormant for over a year. GNER, formerly known as the British Rail division East Coast Railways, is now considering a move into TV or radio, armed with an advertising budget of 2m. Over the past year, the […]


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