GfK NOP promotes top staffers

Phyllis Macfarlane

Her deputy, Richard Jameson, now steps into her vacated role.

The changes will be effective as of July 1, with Jameson also joining the global board of GfK Custom Research. GfK NOP is part of the GfK Group and covers the three business sectors of custom research, retail and technology, and media. The group has 115 companies in over 100 countries.

In addition to his role as deputy MD, which has now been made redundant, Jameson has also been MD of GfK NOP’s business and technology division since 2000.

The latter position will now be filled by Colin Strong, Jameson’s former deputy in that division. Strong had been in his role for four years.

Since 2005, Jameson has also held the post of international sector leader for technology markets worldwide, providing strategic guidance to a team of more than 300 technology and B2B researchers across the GfK network.

Prior to GfK’s acquisition of NOP World in 2005, Jameson was global head of technology for NOP World.

In the new role of chairman of GfK NOP, Macfarlane will take overall responsibility for the other business units in the UK company, including the panels, healthcare and media businesses.



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