Gillette Fusion: the best publicity a brand can get

All publicity is good publicity, they say, so Gillette must be delighted with the buzz the launch of its five-bladed razor, Fusion, has created.

As the exciting television ad explains, the Fusion is a “miracle”, which combines “a revolutionary technology and a unique idea”.

Leaving aside the question of how adding yet another blade to a razor is revolutionary or unique, or constitutes a “miracle”, the Fusion has caused quite a stir.

Indeed, who needs overblown sci-fi television spots that make grandiose claims, when in the space of a week the new product has been the subject of a heated debate on Radio 4’s Today programme, become the sponsor of The Sun’s cartoon strip Striker and achieved some astonishingly lumpen and shameless product placement to boot?

There’s nothing for it but to salute the razor-sharp marketing masterminds behind the launch.


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