Gillette launches Twitter campaign to find out if the public likes beards

Gillette has launched an online campaign to find out whether having a beard or being clean shaven is better.

The campaign from the P&G-owned brand features identical twins Dean and George Georgiandes, one of whom is clean shaven while the other has a beard. It sets them task to see which the general public prefers.

The experiment will be documented and shown online, mainly via Twitter through Gillette’s profile. The twins will tackle challenges such as discovering whether shop assistants are more helpful to the bearded or not, and a pasta-eating competition.

The final decision will be down to which twin has the most followers on Twitter at either @georgiogeo or @dino_geo.

James Nunn, brand communications manager at Gillette, said, “The decision to be cleanly shaven or grow a beard is something that has probably crossed the mind of most men. Hopefully our research and products will leave the option of having a beard to personal choice as opposed to an uncomfortable shave.”

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