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They think of it only in simplistic terms/ communications and ad campaigns. They know growth drives shareholder value, but they more naturally default to the primary drivers of their discipline – cutting costs and executing M&A deals – as that’s where quick short-term impact can be felt.

Balance Sheet
Balance sheet: Needs marketing

But marketers appreciate the expert skills needed to drive top-line growth over the short and long term by engaging the whole organisation in delivering superior customer value, which is a far more challenging and rewarding task. Driving this type of growth makes a tangible contribution to shareholder value, but it also enhances the equally important “stakeholder value” of customers, employees and society as a whole.

Some best-in-class companies are already sharing their knowledge of marketing and their brand building initiatives with analysts. Perhaps more should start to do so.

There has been a lot of recent focus on how marketers need to become more financially literate, but it is equally vital that financiers become far more customer and brand aware.

If they looked more closely at companies investing in marketing capabilities to build strong brands and drive top-line, demand-led growth, they might get a different perspective on the true value of what they are buying and selling. It’s been said that if Cadbury had added the combined value of its much-loved brands – about £3.2bn – to its balance sheet, Kraft might have needed to pay a lot more than a glass and a half in every pound.

Andy Bird and Mhairi McEwan, co-founders/joint managing directors, Brand Learning



Two-way conversation with critics is best brand defence

Marketing Week

Brands have to stop using tactical corporate methods to silence their customers. Toyota’s president and chief operating officer Jim Lentz sits in front of an autocue, reading a scripted apology for the recall of 1.8 million vehicles because of faulty pedals. The set-up seems desperate and an attempt to save the brand from global humiliation.

Multichannel retail brands have the edge

Marketing Week

@ Your analysis urging retailers to bring all sales channels under one umbrella (MW January 28) really rang true. The need for retailers to plug the gaps in their multichannel strategies is something that we as an agency have been passionately advocating for some years now.


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