Give Ogoniland Western rights

Congratulations on devoting so much editorial coverage to Shell’s PR crisis in relation to the pollution devastating Ogoniland in Nigeria, and the recent executions (MW November 24).

You state the the Ogoni are campaigning for a share of the oil revenues swallowed by their government. While this is true, it should be emphasised that the main issue to them is the environmental havoc that they have to endure due to Shell’s appalling pollution of the delta. What the people of Ogoni want more than anything is a stop to the pollution, and compensation for their land which is no longer able to produce the food that they rely on.

You ask what Shell can do to stop the campaign against it. The answer is simple. Drill for oil in Ogoni to same environmental standards as it does in the West, regardless of its profit margins. Their double standards amaze me.

Richard Bagnall

London Ogoni Support Group

London SW18


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