Gizmondo to launch Smart Adds version

Gizmondo is launching a new version of its eponymous hand-held gaming device, which will carry its advertising medium Smart Adds as standard.

Until now, Gizmondo, which was officially launched last month, has asked users whether they want to receive Smart Adds, but the new model, which will sell for &£100 less than the original at &£129, will not give them that option.

The ads will not interrupt the users’ activity on the console, but they will have to watch them before they can move on to something else.

Advertisers including Burger King, EMI and MTV have signed up to take part in a test roll-out of Smart Adds from April 22, when the new model is launched. The service is expected to go live on May 2.

Last year, Marketing Week exclusively revealed that the Gizmondo, which can play games, music and films, send text messages and take pictures, would also be able to show television-quality ads (August 12, 2004).

The ads can be time and place sensitive, so that advertisers can target consumers at relevant times. The Gizmondo can also direct users to their nearest stockist using the GPS facility.


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