Glad to see the back of London couriers?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the pace in the exciting world of marketing. The Diary, for example, has little time to spare, what with online flirting and gazing out of the window hoping a Mercedes Sprint with a job offer on the side will pull up.

It’s a problem that the good folk at the Direct Marketing Association are well aware of as their annual award ceremony draws near, and they have devised a novel way of reminding agency bosses that the deadline is looming.

Communications agency RMG Connect advised the DMA to commission motorcycle couriers from Pink Express to cruise around town with "Got anything for the DMA Awards?" emblazoned across their backs. This timely reminder was coupled with pizza deliveries, encouraging agencies to sit around a table and get their act together.

The Diary salutes this kind of thinking, and now understands why its lunchtime takeaway was delivered by a man with a placard reading "Stop looking out of the window and get back to work".


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