Glazing salesman cracks under weight of kids’ calls

Children’s BBC (CBBC) has taken to asking its audience to be “very careful” when ringing its 0700 competition line number.

Why must the kids proceed with caution when dialling in? To avoid inadvertently ringing up huge phone bills or because repeatedly stabbing out the number can cause repetitive strain injury (RSI)?

No, it’s due to an irate double-glazing salesman involuntarily becoming a CBBC switchboard operator.

The salesman has complained of having to spend time answering calls from scores of kiddies giving him competition answers and asking about items on the TV. Apparently, the CBBC number is almost identical to his.

Let’s hope the unwitting CBBC assistant doesn’t run out of patience and start abusing his callers. It was traumatising enough when kids found out Gordon the Gofer was a puppet.


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