Global brands? No problem!

I read with interest John Shannon’s view of the need for global thinking and the UK market’s perception of it in “The right steps to fall into line” (MW November 25).

Jean de Yturbe’s comment on English agencies’ lack of ability in handling international brands could be perceived as somewhat misplaced in light of agency work in the past few years.

British Airways was awarded an IPA Effectiveness Award for its European campaign; Land Rover won the Royal Mail Inter-national Award last year for a product that was so popular it was adapted for other European markets; and a DBA Design Effectiveness Award for exhibitions went to the Amtico Company’s stand that travelled worldwide.

At Aspen our work for Xerox specifically considered the cultures and target audiences of 11 countries in Eastern Europe. The creative concept to which Shannon referred – being “effective across national borders” – omitted that the concept would in its implementation need to be tailored to each country.

Furthermore the article also referred to the need for agencies to invest in and train executives in multidisciplines in order to operate in a European market.

As an integrated communications company Aspen believes in the application and integration of creative, planning, production and account handling services whether the client is UK-based or not. Isn’t this the “way forward”?

Dianne Lucas

Client services director


London NW1


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