Global Cosmetics launches ‘youth’ suncare products

Skincare company Global Cosmetics is to launch a range of suncare products under its Blockhead extreme sports brand.

The line, which will initially comprise ten sun-, faceand lipcare products, will go on sale in Tesco, Safeway, department stores and chemists at the end of May. There will be a print advertising campaign in the summer.

Brand design agency Brandhouse WTS has worked with Global Cosmetics on the creation of the brand. Brandhouse marketing director Mark Gandy says Blockhead is designed to be a suncare brand for younger people, who associate traditional market-leading products, such as L’Oréal’s Ambre Solaire, with their parents.

Global Cosmetics and Brandhouse are considering an expansion of the brand into the mainstream skincare and cosmetics markets.

Gandy says: “It is certain that the brand will go beyond suncare. There is a lot of potential to take the brand into the male, female and children’s skincare sectors. We are already working on the next phases of the launch.”



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