Global domination falters at marketer’s front door

James Kydd may be riding the wave to the top, without ever having to change jobs, thanks to the fortunes of Virgin Mobile.

Indeed it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he could find himself overseeing the marketing of pretty much the entire British broadcasting industry before too long.

But although Virgin might be about to lend its name to NTL:Telewest and take over ITV, it seems it is unable to offer its senior marketer a mobile phone that works in his house.

The Diary has learned that James lives in a Virgin Mobile black spot – so perhaps a bid for Vodafone or 3 may be in the offing?


Heinz appoints top marketer for Foodservice division

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Heinz Foodservice has appointed Chris Cannon as head of marketing for Heinz Foodservice. Cannon’s role will be to develop Heinz in the “foodservice” sector by driving product innovation and building closer relationships with customers. Cannon is experienced in the food industry, having held a management role at Pizza Hut as well as sales roles on […]

Virgin duo to raise NT Hell

Marketing Week

Richard Branson aims to transform the fortunes of floundering cable company NTL:Telewest. Rebranded as Virgin Media, and marketed by two of his most trusted lieutenants, it’s his chance to break into the entertainment business – and an enormous gamble, says Catherine Turner.

Media’s specialist case

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Walker Media is thought to be in line to pick up MFI’s 29m media business (MW last week), leading many in the industry to suggest that the agency’s success is, in part at least, down to its links with M&C Saatchi, which has just won MFI’s advertis…


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