Global unveils Heart rebrand second wave

Global Radio, the biggest commercial radio operator, has unveiled plans for the second phase of its roll-out of the Heart brand. It comes just days after it completed the rebrand of nine local stations under the brand.

The second phase, due to launch on March 23, will see the revamp extended to a further 12 stations. These are GWR Wiltshire, GWR Bristol, GWR Bath, Gemini FM in Torbay and Exeter, Plymouth Sound, Orchard FM, Lantern FM, South Hams Radio, Fox FM in Oxford, Severn Sound and 2-Ten FM in Reading.

The relaunch will be supported by an advertising communications campaign, aiming to help highlight the changes to listeners and reassure them that stations will retain local programming.

Global is rebranding 30 stations, previously parts of the One Network, as Heart. The roll-out started on January 5 with nine stations being relaunched (MW November 6). A third phase, including the final six stations, is due later in the year.

As well as the rebrand, it is also rolling out its More Music Variety proposition.


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