Glooq software launches in the UK

New software allowing advertisers to insert e-mail banner advertisements into messages is being launched in the UK.
The software, called glooq, has been trialled across Europe and is used by brands including Audi and Motorola. It is also used by agency McCann Erickson.

North London based marketing agency mc square has been appointed by Revolutionare, the developer of glooq, to handle promotion of the software’s launch.

Michael Cuschieri, managing director of mc square, says: “Traditional promotional activities can be costly and do not always make an impact due to their generic nature and over use. This revolutionary technology changes this by providing businesses with a brand new marketing platform that helps to achieve unprecedented reach, massive exposure and a desired reaction – key elements of any successful marketing campaign.”

The software enables animated banners to be embedded into every email that is sent.

It is compatible with all major email clients for both PC and Mac and provides real-time statistical analysis, to
report on the effectiveness of each campaign.

Revolutionare claims glooq is the first email banner software to launch in the UK.

The company claims banners can be shuffled so that a different message is sent every time free of charge to the agency.
McCann Erickson Belgium’s head of digital, Geoff Michiels, says: “McCann is always at the forefront of technology for its clients and glooq allows us to use our clients’ budgets to the maximum whilst reaching excellent marketing results.”

Cuschieri adds: “This is a fantastic way to exploit your everyday business and personal emails as an affordable tool to promote your business through your business.”


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