GM calls on governments to restore consumer confidence

General Motors has forecasted a continued weakening of sales in the US and western European markets. The carmaker is calling on European governments to take action to restore consumer confidence during the global financial crisis.

Speaking at the Paris motor show today (October 2) General Motors European chief executive, Carl-Peter Forster, says consumers see the state of the economy as being worse than it actually is. He adds: “We need to make consumers aware that they still have access to credit.”

The comments follows reports that consumers are struggling to raise loans to buy cars due to weak economic conditions. Forster has called for an ease on interest rates to aid consumers through the “crisis”.

Meanwhile, General Motors, which owns marques such as Vauxhall and Chevrolet, has reported a 16% drop in US sales during September. The company’s chief operating officer Fritz Henderson says: “Certainly in the first half [of 2009] it’s going to be weak.”


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