GM puts final touches to Euro restructure

General Motors has hired five European brand managers in the final stage of its brand management shake-up.

The five – a sixth is still to be appointed to the Corsa brand – are effectively the brand “czars” for GM’s European models. They will have ultimate responsibility for all advertising and marketing across the continent.

Klaus Leydecker, marketing director of Opel Germany, takes control of the Astra range. His colleague at Opel Germany, Brigitte Kroll-Thaller, regional sales manager, takes charge of both the Omega and Vectra ranges across Europe.

Rob Dargis, marketing director at Opel France, will manage the Sintra range. John Bailey, zone manager of GM in Canada, takes responsibility for the Frontera and Monterey, while Vauxhall marketing services director Andy Gilson becomes director of advanced marketing planning across all brands.

The brand managers will report to Jonathan Browning, executive director of European brand management.


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