GMTV backs Net research into children

A children’s research programme conducted over the Internet in schools, and backed by TV broadcaster GMTV, launches this month.

The Children’s Research Unit, which has been involved in studying the children’s and youth market for more than 25 years, has developed the programme over the past two years.

It aims to mount a direct challenge to existing annual children’s research programme, The British Research Group Youth TGI.

The research, called The Youth ON Line Research Investigation, will be carried out three times a year on the Internet and involves 7,000 children aged between seven and 15 taking part once every school term.

The survey includes questions about savings, spending patterns and wish lists; media use; food and drink; fashion and music; leisure activities; advertising and Internet awareness.

A section called Hot Topics can be used for “bolt-on” questions from clients, for which results can be made available within four days.

GMTV head of research Caroline Bell says the TV company’s weekend programming attracts 34 per cent of toy and games advertisers.

“We will be able to use the information with advertisers which are targeting children,” she says.

CRU chairman Glen Smith says schools taking part in the research will receive a multimedia computer and results covering their own school.


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