Go Lower prepares for launch of snack range

A food manufacturer claiming to be the first to make low-carbohydrate food specifically for UK tastes has launched a range of nut-and-seed bars aimed at the impulse market.

Go Lower Carb Counters nut-and-seed bars will go on sale later this month.Go Lower plans to produce a range of natural whole foods aimed at consumers who follow low-carbohydrate diets. This means the products are naturally low in carbohydrates, rather than being processed to reduce the levels that they contain. It plans to launch more products by the end of 2004.

Co-founder Hannah Sutter, who set up the company with her partner Kevin Dorren last year, says it plans to focus on impulse and on-the-go products for the medium term.

She says people following low-carbohydrate diets find it hard to get hold of snacks that fit their lifestyle, and Go Lower aims to offer them a variety of products.

The 45g nut-and-seed bars come in three variants, berry, chocolate and coconut, and cost £1.49 each. The launch will be supported by below-the-line activity including sampling, although the company has not appointed an advertising agency.

Sutter says: “There is demand for a greater choice of low-carb foods in Britain, which are different to the taste and style of the US imports.”


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