Gocompare.com readies home insurance TV push

Gocompare.com is ratcheting up the battle for dominance in the fiercely competitive price comparison sector by launching its first television campaign targeting the home insurance market.

The advertisement again features brand character Gio Compario and is intended to be a homage to the Hollywood blockbuster The Mummy.

Gocompare.com says that the move to push its home insurance offering follows “research” that shows that more than three-quarters (78%) of consumers haven’t switched their home insurance provider in the last 12 months despite the opportunity to save £145 by using its home comparison service, it claims.

Gocompare.com’s head of marketing, Nick Hall, says: “To date, the Gio advertisements have focused on car insurance and realistically that is likely to remain our lead product for the foreseeable future.

“However, we have a very strong home proposition and we believe it is a market with huge potential for us.”

The ad is the first to launch since Admiral Group, parent of rival price comparison site Confused.com, admitted it had lost its lead in the sector to GoCompare.

Confused.com has since launched its first television campaign under the stewardship of recently appointed chief marketing officer Mike Hoban in a bid to reclaim the top spot.

The two have been locked in a battle alongside rivals Comparethemarket and Moneysupermarket for share and all have launched high-profile ad campaigns with colourful brand characters to differentiate themselves.

The new Gocompare TV ad shows two archaeologists translating a section of hieroglyphics that says; “check out your home insurance” but by doing so they release an Egyptian looking Gio Compario from his sarcophagus.

The ad breaks on 18 September across all commercial TV channels.


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