Golden Wonder posters banned

Golden Wonder has been ordered to remove illegal flyposters for its Bandido tortilla crisp brand.

The snack food giant launched a flyposting campaign through Tequila UK this year. It was intended to give its Bandidos snacks an underground, streetwise image. But Golden Wonder has now been ordered to remove some posters because they are being illegally pasted on buildings without permission from the owners.

Golden Wonder senior product manager Alan Doyle admits that Westminister City Council has alerted Golden Wonder to “half a dozen” illegal flyposters, which are now being removed.

The Tequila campaign enters its second phase this week.

Doyle says Golden Wonder has “an amicable and professional” relationship with Westminister City Council and is working with it to ensure the poster sites are legal.

“We briefed Tequila only to use legal sites. But half a dozen sites out of 20,000 is fairly reasonable,” adds Doyle.

Golden Wonder is the latest big brand manufacturer to use flyposting. Traditionally the domain of underground record labels and bands, it is increasingly being used by major players as a cost-effective means of giving products a “streetwise image”.

In January, Sony Electronic Publishing admitted it was also using illegal sites to advertise its Micro Machines and Pitfall computer games (MW January 20).

Doyle says the flyposting campaign costs a fraction of an equivalent billboard campaign. It was also more suited to targeting 17 to 24-year-old socially active males, he says.


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