Goldfish bowls over its rivals

I refer to Ian Metcalfe of SPS Advertising’s letter (MW April 10). I hope Mr Metcalfe is not engaged in market research for a career. If so, he has problems! He would do well to listen to Disraeli’s words: “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”

Since its launch in September 1996, Goldfish has recruited over 350,000 cardholders. That is more than one in five of every new card issued since that date. There were over 125 launches last year. We are delighted with the card’s performance and are confident that the brand can be stretched into many other interesting areas.

As the senior client, I think it is a pity that so many people are boring and dare not take the calculated risk. Still, that’s their loss and my gain.

Michael Parsons

Managing director





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