Goldfish stunt is hard to stomach

The British love their pets, which is why 16 viewers were driven to complain to the Independent Television Commission about “professional regurgitator” Stevie Starr.

The ITC asked Starr to prove that no cruelty is inflicted in his stunt where he swallows two goldfish. Poor Starr faced a conundrum: to prove he inflicts no cruelty on the small slimy pets, he would have to make public his method of regurgitation – a feat no illusionist or magician is keen to undertake.

It seems, however, that he met the ITC halfway and hinted at how he does it. The ITC understands that he fills his mouth with water and holds the fish in his throat without actually swallowing them.

The body did not hold up the complaints, saying: “Emulation by viewers” is “most unlikely” – but now they know how to do it…


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