Gong-ho hack eats into ‘Pilchard’

The Diary swept the board at last week’s British Press Awards with more prizes than any other publication – scooping “Diary of the Year”, “Wittiest Diary Story”, “The Diarist’s Diarist”, and “Best Trimmed Nose Hair for a Diarist” awards. Or at least it would if it had entered.

Elsewhere The Mirror tried to get its own back on one of its own former reporters.

The Mirror, winner of the “Scoop of the Year” award, for political editor Kevin Maguire’s revelation that British beef is rather revolting, used the opportunity to bash investigative reporter John Pilger, whose

Network First TV document ary slammed the paper’s lack of investigation.

The paper produced a special mock-up dubbing Pilger, “Mr Pilchard”.

This was diplayed alongside news of McGuire’s award and a strapline along the lines of “Eat plankton, you whinging Ozzie pinko – we are just as good as when you worked here, so nana-na-nana.”


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