Goodfella’s brand overhauled to change perception

Goodfella’s frozen pizza brand is repositioning in a bid to establish it as a “master brand” and shift consumer perceptions.


Brand owner Northern Foods is aiming to create a “cohesive product portfolio, achieve greater on shelf presence and drive sales.

The frozen pizza category is currently worth £380m and the Goodfella’s brand has a 22.4% share.

A revived brand identity has been developed by Brandopus to “bring the spirit of the Italian pizzeria to life” using murals painted by artist Vince McIndoe.

The product range has been realigned into four sub-brands, the core everyday Thin and Deep range, Takeaway, Speciale and Pocco’s, that will sit under the overall Goodfella’s brand.

David Wilson, brand marketing manager at Northern Foods, says the brand overhaul will allow Goodfella’s “to build upon our already strong growth and allow us to further develop and extend our consumer franchise”.

He adds that the brand repositioning will be followed by a number of “category changing initiatives” in the coming months and years.


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