Google adds behavioural targeting to AdWords

Google has rolled out behavioural targeting for AdWords spots, allowing brands to target search ads based on users’ previous browsing activity.


The search giant has been trialling what it calls “interest-based ad targeting” for the past year within specific verticals, but has now expanded it to all of AdWords.

It’s not clear whether ads will be automatically served to all Google users or whether people have to opt in, but Google said on its AdWords blog that ads will feature the new industry standard Ad Choices logo and it will be easy for consumers to opt out.

Jon Krafcik, product manager for the Google Display Network, says: “As we’ve made interest categories available to more advertisers, we’ve remained committed to providing users with the highest level of control and transparency.”

He adds that it will give advertisers an “effective way to reach more interested users, increase awareness of your products and services, and ultimately drive more sales”.

“Our beta advertisers have used interest categories to successfully meet all kinds of goals, from an advertiser increasing brand lift by 40% to a shoe retailer driving 400% more conversions at a lower cost per sale,” Krafcik says.

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