Google and Apple battle over TV services

Google is set to launch a free television service that allows full internet browsing via TV sets.

The search engine giant says the service will launch in the US this autumn and roll out globally next year.

Eric Schmidt, Google chief executive says Google will work with content producers and is unlikely to create its own content for the service.

Google’s announcement comes a week after Apple revealed a mini version of Apple TV, a service that connects TV sets to iTunes and lets people download films and TV programmes and stream content from YouTube.

Speaking at the consumer electronics show IFA in Berlin, Schmidt revealed that Google would soon announce partnerships with electronics manufacturers who are developing tablet-style computers that will use Google’s forthcoming Chrome operating system.


Newspaper retail round up

Rosie Baker

A roundup of retail stories from the newspapers this week… Morrisons, Waterstone’s, luxury retailers, House of Fraser, Interest Rates, LoveFilm.


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