Google axes Videos

Google is to close YouTube’s predecessor Google Videos.


The search giant has advised all Google Video users to remove any content they want to save.

From 29 April, users will no longer be able to watch videos via the site, although they can still download them until 13 May.

Instead, people will be encouraged to transfer content to YouTube.

The move is part of Google’s plans to bolster YouTube as a content portal. Last month it bought digital video company Green Parrot Pictures in a bid to improve the quality of its video uploads.

Google also announced a €500,000 (£441,426) investment pot for YouTube NextUp, a scheme to support UK digital talent. The fund will give 25 people the chance to win €20,000 (£17,660) each to invest in the development of their own content on YouTube.

Google Videos was launched in 2005 before the company bought YouTube, which it acquired the following year for $1.65bn.

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