Google execs launch online marketing consultancy

A group of Google marketers have left the search giant to form their own online marketing consultancy, called QuBit Digital.


QuBit will specialise in advising businesses on how to get the most from online technology.

The company says it will aim to help businesses that feel overwhelmed with the amount of data, tools and marketing solutions available. This will include analytics, bespoke training and tool development.

Its founders are Daniel Shellard, who led Google’s conversion improvement strategy in the UK, and Ian McCaig, who led Google’s business marketing team in the UK. Graham Cooke, who was global leader on Google’s strategy for conversion rate improvement, also joins QuBit as managing director.

Cooke says: “We saw a huge opportunity to get closer to customers and help them improve their profits by fixing the blockages on websites through better understanding of their data. Often businesses have all the right pieces to the puzzle; it’s just about helping them put together the best strategy in the most efficient way.”

The company is funded by the executives selling their shares in Google. The founders have not ruled out looking for external investment.



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