Google in talks with entertainment supremo Fuller

Google is understood to be in talks with Simon Fuller, the man behind the Spice Girls and TV franchise Pop Idol, about a joint internet TV venture. Fuller, founder of 19 Entertainment, is believed to have been in talks with the internet giant for about a year.

The potential collaboration is expected to fuel speculation that Google’s plans for the TV market include generating content and competing with major broadcasters. Sources close to the discussions say the deal will change television in the same way as iTunes has changed how people buy and consume media.

Google launched Google Video last year, a service offering full-length TV programmes and films on a pay-per-view basis over the internet. ITN, US network CBS and Sony BMG provided content such as CSI, Survivor and live sporting events.

But the initiative failed to take off and instead Google has been focusing on video sharing network YouTube, which it bought last year.


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