Google offers video on AdWords

Google is testing an advertising initiative that will allow brands to include videos in their sponsored AdWords listings.

“Video extensions” will play in an “expandable plusbox” directly beneath standard text ads, the search engine giant says.

Advertisers are charged when a user reaches the 10-second mark in their video at the same maximum cost-per-click bid as a text ad.

Once the video is complete, Google says, users can click the URL link in the ad or the video to go directly to the advertisers’ site.

Google claims that the initiative benefits advertisers that want to show trailers, product demonstrations, or previews.

“Video extensions create a richer experience for users and offer more information than text alone can provide. By engaging users with videos on you’re able to combine the benefits of brand advertising with the targeted relevance of search.”

It is currently in Beta testing in the US. It is not known if it will be rolled out in the UK.


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