Google seeks agency to promote its mobile division brand

Google%2C%20phoneGoogle is looking to appoint an agency to create a below-the-line campaign to promote its mobile division.

The search-engine giant has been approaching agencies with a brand-building brief which will encompass offline marketing activity. This will mark the first time that Google has sought an agency for its mobile business.

Its mobile division allows consumers to access Google services on their mobiles.

Google Europe senior product marketing manager Anat Amir has confirmed the pitch, but will not disclose a shortlist.

“We are tendering for a below-the-line campaign to help us raise awarenessand increase usage of our mobile portfolio,” Amir says.

It is now promoting its services on the website www., including search, maps and gmail that can be “designed specifically for your mobile”.

Earlier this year, speculation began to mount about Google’s plan to launch a mobile phone in conjunction with Dell (MW January 30). It is thought the handset will be called the Gphone, to rival Apple’s iPhone, which hit the market in November last year.

Google has announced the launch of a new operating system for mobiles called Android. The software makes it easier for developers to create mobile applications that run on various handsets and makes Google’s online services available to mobile users.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Ien Cheng,publisher and managing editor of the Financial Times website, would be joining Google.


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