Google strikes comScore ad measurement deal

Google has struck a major ad measurement deal with comScore offering marketers more detailed real-time information about who has seen their ads across multiple screens, in a move the search giant will be hoping will attract bigger brand advertising budgets.

Google has struck an ad measurement deal with comScore.

The deal will see Google integrating comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials ad measurement product into its DoubleClick advertising business.

It means Google will now be able to offer marketers more accurate and faster tracking of their ads, using a similar measure, reach and frequency metric to the Gross Rating Points used in TV.

Marketers will be able to access the new set-up via the DoubleClick ad platform, accessing near-instantaneous data about the performance of their campaigns, rather than having to wait for a report the following day. Another advantage is that the tracking technology appears on the same platform on which they book ads, meaning they can adapt their campaigns more quickly according to the tracking data.

The service will launch initially across desktop display and video ads, although there are plans to expand the service for mobile and cross-platform. It will first launch in the US later this year, before a wider international rollout.

In a blog post, Google DoubleClick’s vice president of display advertising Neal Mohan, says the move is part of a wider strategy to help brands “at all stages of the measurement pyramid” and in turn help the search giant wrest more marketing budgets from more traditional media sectors such as TV.

He adds: “More actionable, open and transparent measurement will help bring more great campaigns and brands online, which in turn helps to fund web services and content.”

Last month Google said in its latest earnings call that its platforms were overtaking traditional media to become central to the “biggest brand-building campaigns of the world”.

Jon Suarez-Davis, Kellogg  vice president of global digital strategy and North American Media, says of the comScore-Google deal: “What’s exciting about the comScore-Google integration is the ability to leverage real-time cross-media comparable metrics and rich demographics within a single platform. For us, this means a level of simplicity and actionability that we haven’t experienced before, and it’s something that can help move multi-channel media planning, measurement and optimisation forward in a major way.”

Google’s partnership with comScore follows a similar deal made with Nielsen in November, which has seen Nielsen’s measurement tags appear in ads running on YouTube and the Google display network.



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